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About: Inner_about

My Story

I have always been drawn to nature and its power. Its energy intrigued me. Our cultures are full of knowledge. Although I have always lived in a city and have been a corporate employee for many years, I had the deep desire to understand this energy that is so quiet yet so powerful! While reading and learning about the spiritual intellectuals, my belief became stronger and practicing simple rules turned me into a calmer person.

I knew it was my calling when I came across Reiki Master and Teacher Lisa Powers, from USA. She is a Reiki Master & Teacher from Dr Usui Lineage. I am also a registered member of the IRO, International Reiki Organization.

As a Reiki practitioner I am a conduit that enables the recipient to draw Reiki energy to the places in their body and mind that are ready to be healed and balanced at all levels. Reiki is intelligent energy, once the intention is set and confirmed, it heals for the highest good of all.

Reiki needs a mind that is free from negativity and judgments. If you are here then you are ready to accept the universal energy to balance your body and mind with love, warmth, and light.

About: Inner_about

 Our Approach

As Reiki energy is not restricted by time or distance, we use distance Reiki to heal and balance bodymind. All treatments are possible in comfort of your home. Dr. Usui, the founder of Reiki, preferred Reiki from a distance, so distance Reiki is our preferred method as well. We use crystals where focused energy is required. Crystals are energy of earth and Reiki is universal energy around us. They are both used together at Crystal Reiki Oneness. 

A very important concept to understand is that Reiki is not sent, it is always drawn in by the recipient through the practitioner. This is what separates Reiki from other types of energy work. The practitioner does not attempt to manipulate the energy or decide where the energy should go. They are witnesses who observe and channel the energy in the recipient's direction.



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