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The Power of MEDITATION - Awesome BBC Documentary HD

The Power of MEDITATION - Awesome BBC Documentary HD

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Healing Meditation -
Daily Meditation -
Track 3 - Moving Toward Abundance
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Bonus Track - Deep Sleep Now
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Reiki is different from other healing modalities because practitioners are initiated through an attunement. The Reiki Master uses the power of the Reiki symbols to attune the practitioner to Reiki energy. This has been done since the founder, Mikao Usui, attuned his first student. Although we are all natural healers, Reiki helps us to fine tune these abilities. Another factor that distinguishes Reiki from other healing arts is that although the Reiki energy transmits through the practitioner into the receiver, it does not originate from the practitioner. A Reiki attunement lasts for life. Reiki is:

The secret method of inviting blessings

The spiritual medicine of many illnesses

For today only,

Do not anger,

Do not worry,

Be grateful and

Do your work with appreciation,

Be kind to all living things.


In the morning and at night with hands held in prayer, think this in your mind or chant this with your mouth.

The Usui Reiki Method to change your mind and body for the better.

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