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Reiki has many uses and is not limited to people and animals, space, distance or time. Because Reiki enhances your focus and energy you can use that increased awareness on anything you wish to have such as increased positive energy, clarity or resolution about.

For example, Reiki can be used for: 


Chakra Balancing with Crystals

Chakra Balancing with Crystals

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Problem Solving with Reiki


When we have an imbalance in your body or life, how do we usually handle it?

Most of us will seek external solutions, whether it is adding a new supplement to our diet or changing jobs. Although there is nothing wrong with taking action, and many times these actions lead to other positive changes, you need to consider the progression imbalance takes in our lives.


Before any invention is created, it starts off as an idea. Where that idea comes from is still not scientifically validated, so for now we will call it the collective. So, an inventor pulls an idea from the collective. She then creates a design, blueprint or prototype and hires the necessary people to construct the invention. At the end of this progression, a physical product is made that reflects the initial idea. We tend to approach problems at the product level rather than the thought that conceived it. Remember that the product reflects the idea. Our bodies are constantly replicating. You have a new heart every 20 years, new lungs every 2-3 weeks and new taste buds every 10 days. Why is it that a body part regenerates itself in a flawed condition? It is because the cells are creating a product that is a reflection of the idea (in our bodies case, a morphogenic field). Rather than focusing on fixing the knee (which of course can be necessary), a focus on balancing the blueprint of the knee will ensure that the actual product (physical knee) is balanced as a result.


The positive thing to remember is that with Reiki and some other alternative modalities, you are working at the level of the intuitive, higher self. Your focus is not on diagnosing or finding a solution, rather it is to be in balance and allow Reiki energy to flow where it is needed.

Psychic Surgery

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Psychic Surgery

In our natural state, we have the ability to heal ourselves. Our bodies regenerate at a rapid rate and we can use this ability to ensure that the regeneration is in accordance with our healthy and balanced way of being. What prevents us from healing and regenerating a healthy body is the energy, beliefs, and memories that we store in our tissues at a cellular level. By releasing this energy from the body, the body is then free to perform as it was intended to. It is a simple technique you can use with yourself and others to remove the imbalances at the root energetic level so that the physical and emotional body can repair and heal. You can use Reiki, psychic surgery, for any imbalance in the body and life. Usually one will be a reflection of the other. Although the term surgery is used here, it is important to note that in addition to this technique, the individual should be sure they are seeking additional support in the form of traditional allopathic care and professional counseling. This technique can assist on the energetic level but we need to ensure that the person is receiving additional support as they process and heal.

Past Life & Reiki

At birth, to some extent, we already have stored behavioral traits, attitudes, fears, illnesses and beliefs from our parents, ancestors, religions and memories. These inherited traits can cause imbalances that affect our lives. Someone, for example, may have had a paralyzing fear of fire from a very young age or another individual could have numerous unexplained symptoms that will not resolve. In these cases, inherited memory could be the trigger.


Modern science has only decoded a very small portion of our genetic code (ex: 5 inches of a six foot strand), and it is thought that this information is likely stored somewhere along the strand. Regardless of location, Reiki can effectively work to balance this information. In these cases, the memories are not your "past life" experiences. Rather, they are cellular memories and traits that have been passed on from previous generations (not necessarily within your blood line). Like your eye color, and instinctual traits that keep you alive, you also have inherent beliefs and tendencies imprinted on your genetic code. For the most part, the genetic code is not fixed and can be modified.


Reiki can help to balance what is occurring between the bodymind at this time and the many influences from the past that are affecting it. This can include physical traits or hereditary illnesses passed on, cultural behavior patterns, inherited religious dogma or fears, past traumas, major events, disasters, and environmental factors from man-made things such as genetically modified foods and pollution.

Palliative Care

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The culture you were raised in will determine how you view death. Some cultures see death as the end, whereas other cultures view it as a new beginning. Regardless, death is something we all must face. Reiki can help assist those who are dying and preparing to leave this physical plane. Reiki can also be used to help those grieving the loss of loved ones. Reiki can help ensure that the grieving process is flowing and that emotions are being processed and released rather than resisted and stored.

During a Reiki session both the practitioner and recipient have a strong connection with the universal life force. Many recipients find that sessions help them have the strength to resolve unfinished business they have and find resolution with regard to previous conflicts. I have also found that Reiki sessions can help the recipient have a peaceful transition.

past life

Prenatal and Postnatal

Reiki is safe and can be very beneficial for a pregnant woman and her child. Reiki can be used to help:

•Reduce fatigue

•Stimulate healthy development

•Address pain

•Facilitate a connection between mother and child

•Reduce post-partum depression

•Accelerate healing after delivery

•Increase milk production or formula absorbtion

•Balance colic

Reiki can also help prepare for conception by reducing stress and stimulating the reproductive cycles of the couple. Important Note: Always consult your doctor no matter what if you are concerned about you

or your baby. Instinctively we kiss or touch our children when they hurt themselves. Reiki is an extension of that action. You can perform reiki on your children from the time they are born. Most children are very sensitive to energy and love the sensation. Meditating on the 5 principles with your children can also be very beneficial. With each session, children become more familiar with the energy and may even be able to tell you when they feel things shifting. Reiki is also a wonderful way to connect with children who are non-verbal.

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